Itching Powder

Bag of organic itching powder


Made in Austria

organic product made of rose hip


Itching Powder

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Itching Powder

Itching powder might be called THE practical joke device par excellence. And probably the thought of it alone makes us look back at some of the most hilarious childhood memories.

In the very center of Austria’s capital Vienna, the joke device manufacturer Toufar still produces this natural powder in the very same way it was produced for generations – namely from ground rose hips.

For the production of our itching powder we refine our ground rose hips and use the hair that can be found on the seeds. This fine powder sticks to the skin with its ultra-fine barbs and eventually causes a severe itch.

Technical Information

We source our materials as local as possible. Therefore we can assure you that we only use rose hips from the European Union for our itching powder.

Attention, our itching powder might cause allergic reactions. It is unfit for consumption and not a toy.