Magic Blood

Our original magic blood!


Spilled on any textile surface, our magic blood will leave blood red stains that magically vanish within a couple of minutes.


Product Made in Austria

20ml per tube

MAgic Blood 20ml

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Magic Blood


Toufar’s original magic blood is an absolute classical practical joke device and one of our all-time favorites. Only god knows how many teachers, colleagues and other absolutely uninvolved people suffered a severe shock so far from being sprayed with this classic prank device.

Once squirted onto a garment, our magic blood leaves behind a terrible bloodstain. It is only after the first shock and about a minute of time that the stain will start to disappear slowly. And after a couple of minutes there won’t be any evidence left as the stain has miraculously vanished.

For all those of you, who think that red stains are not enough or for whom blood might be a little too gory, we also produce magic ink for the geekier version of this classic prank. Our magic ink also vanishes after some minutes.


Our magic blood might be sprayed onto any washable textile surface and vanishes within a couple of minutes. The time until our magic blood has entirely vanished varies depending on the quality of the garment and might take up to 15 minutes. Thanks to our PET-tube, you can also apply our magic blood to more remote targets.

Technical Information

The original magic blood by Toufar is 100% made in Austria and we still produce it in our small manufacture in heart of Vienna.

Our magic blood is filled in 20 ml PET-tubes. Use within two days after opening. Magic blood is not a toy and unfit for consumption. Magic blood should not be allowed to get into contact with the eyes.