Sneezing Powder

Bag of sneezing Powder


Made in Austria

organic product made of white peper


Sneezing Powder

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Sneezing Powder

Just like itching powder, sneezing Powder can be conidered one of the oldest practical joke devices. For centuries people collected European white hellebore and other herbal products to make one another sneeze.

Product Information

The use of sneezing powder is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most challenging pranks. After all, it requires a whole lot of creativity to rub it under another person’s nose without that person realizing. Of course you could just blow it into your victim’s face. The effect may be the same, but it is not exactly the most elegant and sophisticated way to play this prank. Handing your victim a hankie with sneezing powder on it has much more class.

For decades, Toufar’s Viennese practical joke manufactory has produced its own sneezing powder from all-natural and absolutely nonhazardous materials. Main ingredient for our highly effective sneezing powder is white pepper.

Attention, sneezing powder might cause allergic reactions. It is not a toy.