Magic Sugar


5 pieces of prank sugar, which dissolve in a hot beverage and leave a little surprise behind

Magic Sugar

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Magic Sugar

Toufar’s magic sugar is a fun prank for the office or Aunt Betty’s afternoon tea.


Toufar's magic sugar cubes will dissolve as soon as they get in contact with a hot beverage and eventually leave behind a little surprise. From lucky charms for New Year’s Eve to little spiders and other even more unpleasantly looking surprises for your Halloween celebration or to lighten up that stiff afternoon coffee party at Aunt Betty’s.

Product Information

Toufar's magic prank sugar cubes look like regular ones and hence can easily be hidden in any sugar bowl. The beverage remains almost unchanged in taste (except for sugar being added to it) and edible.

Our magic sugar cubes are produced in our Viennese joke device manufacture and therefore can be considered 100% made in Austria.

Corporate Offers

By the way, if you would like to make quite some impression at your next corporate event by offering sugar with your logo in it, feel free to contact us.