Aqua Make-Up

high quality make-up cream made in Austria


Available in different colors

  • AQUA - non-lipid
  • with adhesive additive
  • non-smudging
  • easy to remove with water
  • skin-friendly

This non-smudging, non lipid and skin-friendly make-up is an absolute novelty on the market


Aqua Make-Up

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Our make-up cream is entirely non-lipid and has a high pigmentation.

The golden and silver make-up contains additional high-luster pigments.

Our make is produced with the most modern technology under vacuum conditions and therefore features highest quality and almost infinite shelf life.

All ingredients are of pharmaceutical quality.

When dry, our cream is absolutely non-smudging.

The Aqua make-up has been certified by Austrian authorities.

As for technical reason, we cannot fill the tube to the top, but we guarantee a minimum amount of 15 ml per tube.


To be used as make-up for face and body. Best apply with finger tips, use a brush for details and thin lines.

One layer should suffice as for the high opacity of our make-up.

When dry, our cream is absolutely non-smudging.

Our Aqua make-up can easily be removed with water and can be mixed to achieve an even broader variety of colors.

Aqua make-up is very skin-friendly and hence ideal for children.