Make-up Sticks with Foundation

Make-up sticks and foundation made in Austria, different colors

  • Set contains make-up sticks and make-up remover
  • grease paint
  • outstanding opacity
  • waterproof
  • can easily be removed with make-up remover
Make-Up Sticks with Foundation

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The make-up contained in this set is grease paint with a high pigment content. It is produced with the most modern technology under vacuum conditions and features highest quality and an almost infinite shelf life.

Production conditions can cause minor greast spots on the backside of the cardboard. These stains do not affect the products quality nor its shelf life.

All ingredients meet pharmaceutical standards.


Our product is might be used for the disguise of children due to the ingredients purity and the relating extraordinary skin-friendlyness.


Please store in cool consitions.


Our make-up is made in Austria and meets all regulatory criteria. It has been certified by Austrian authorities.


Our make-up is waterproof and absolutely skin-friendly due to the high lipid content.

It is easily applicable and features a very high opacity. Use your your finger tips or an applicator to apply a smooth and thin layer.

Use the sticks to draw details and thin lines.

The make-up can easily be removed with our make-up remover, or by rinsing with water and soap.