Hair Coloring for Fancy Highlights


rinse with water to remove


available in different colors

Haircoloring for fancy highlights

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Our hair coloring is non-lipid and features a high content of ultra-fine glitter. 
Our hair coloring is produced with the most modern technologies and features highest quality and an almost infinite shelf life.
When dry, it is non-smudging.
All ingredients meet pharmaceutical standards.

As for technical reason, we cannot fill the tube to the top, but we guarantee a minimum amount of 1l ml.
Our glitter cream has been certified by Austrian authorities.

Our glitter cream is produced in our site in Vienna, Austria.


Apply with the applicator-brush, which you will find in the bottle.

The hair coloring can easily be removed with warm water.
This product might also be used by gentlemen to dye their beards and moustaches.