Toufar Make-Up

Putting on some colorful make-up is party of every carnival disguise. We produce high-quality make-up since 1952 and our brand Toufar is widely known for the high quality and the outstanding skin-friendliness of its products. Our recipes have been introduced by the company’s founder Walter Toufar and have been constantly improved ever since. We are proud of our innovations as much as we are proud of our long tradition in producing only the best make-up. It goes without saying that our make-up is made in Austria, that it meets pharmaceutical standards, is skin-friendly and produced without animal testing.

Whether you are looking for the right make-up to dress up your children, whether you need lasting products for your theater production or you are looking for the right body paint, we have what you are looking for.

Our Products

Our Aqua make-up is an extremely skin friendly non-lipid cream on water basis. When dry, it is absolutely non-smudging and has a very high opacity due to its high pigment content. It can also very easily be removed with warm water and is especially suited for children’s skin. In case some color ends up on your favorite blouse instead of your face you can easily machine wash your clothes without any special treatment to remove the stains. By the way, our Aqua make-up is 100% vegan!

We also have grease paint, in case your make-up has to withstand more severe conditions like heat from theater spot-lights or a water-balloon fight. This make-up is super resistant and won’t let you down when celebrating carnival in tropical Rio and will resist the tears of happiness dripping down your face when your football team won the championship. Of course it is also very skin friendly and of pharmaceutical quality.

We also produce make-up remover, dental lacquer, hair coloring for highlights, tattoo pens, all sorts of glitter and other styling products. So you best check out our site and get inspired.

Outstanding Quality

All our cosmetic products are manufactured in Vienna and meet pharmaceutical quality standards. We also use natural and organic ingredients whenever possible and source locally whenever we can.

Last but not least, our make-up is produced without animal testing.