0,30 € 3
1,80 € 3
Fake Glasses
2,00 € 3
Fake Spit
2,00 € 3
Giant Condom
2,40 € 3
Giant Hammer
ab 6,00 € 3
Giant Pacifier
ab 3,20 € 3
Joke Paket
4,00 € 3
Magic Blood
2,20 € 3
Magic Coin
1,40 € 3
Magic Ink
2,20 € 3
Magic Sugar
4,00 € 3
Mouse Nose
0,90 € 3
Nose Bell
1,20 € 3
Pepper Drops
2,60 € 3
Plastic Candy
ab 3,80 € 3
Plastic Claws
ab 1,60 € 3

Toufar Practical Joke Devices


People play pranks to each other since ancient times – be it for one’s own amusement or to get back at someone. Such pranks and jokes often involve the use of practical joke devices. Xenophanes described practical jokes already in the sixth century BC.  

Although we cannot be certain, joke devices might be used ever since the first apes descended from the trees and learned how to use tools to shape their environment. Today, joke devises are primarily used for parties and at feasts such as Halloween, the 1st of April or carnival, but they are also part of many stag nights and hen dos as well as birthday celebrations. Sometimes, they are also used in a more everyday context such as in school or among colleagues at work.

Our Inspiration

The ideas and shapes for many practical joke devices can be found in costume or scary movies as well as slap-stick films. Other joke devises have their origins in the manipulation of everyday objects and their use as practical joke.

Our Practical Joke Devices

In our shop you will find everything from funny to shocking or nostalgic joke articles. It goes without saying that our products meet the highest standards and are locally manufactured in Austria.