On this page you will find our special offers for the carnival season

24,40 € 2 17,00 € 3
Clown - Aqua Make-Up
21,20 € 2 16,96 € 3
Emergency Make-Up Set
18,80 € 2 12,00 € 3
18,20 € 2 14,50 € 3
9,20 € 2 6,50 € 3
9,20 € 2 5,00 € 3
16,40 € 2 8,50 € 3

Funky Carnival

November 11 is the start of our favorite time of the year. Its carnival again! It is (at least for the more religious ones) our last chance for a proper party before Lenten season. And it is not only the time of Viennese balls, but also the season of fancy dress parties.


Special offers for carnival – make-up at discounted rates

Whatever you would like to be at your fancy dress party – a witch, a ninja, a fairy, a character from that Disney movie you loved as a child or a clown – we have the right make-up for your costume. And also the most essential accessories, after all, a clown without a squirting flower is only half a clown. For this year’s carnival season we created some make-up sets and are happy to offer them at special discounted rates.

Besides make-up we also have all practical joke devices you might need to get back to your boss, your family or some good friends. Itching powder in your villain’s jammies and magic ink on a white shirt never defeat the purpose.


Our high-quality grease paint is extremely resistant and hence the right choice for anyone, who intends to celebrate under more extreme conditions, like Rio’s carnival or the celebrations in Cologne’s city center. Also, grease paint features a very high opacity and can be mixed to create new colors.

Our Aqua make-up, which we are especially proud of – is very skin friendly and can easily be removed with warm water. It is also absolutely non-smudging and the best choice for sensitive skin or children.

It goes without saying that our make-up is hand made in Austria.