Charming in gold - the perfect make-up for a dazzling ball-evening in gold

Charming in Gold

enchant yourself - and shine in the most beautiful and valuable color in the world.

Whatever you want to be - you will find on our site the right make-up and cosmetic product for your costume in gold and various other colors.


Our aqua make-up or aqua-glitter-cream is extremely skin friendly and easy to be removed with water. When dry, it is absolutely non-smudging and has a very high opacity due to its high pigment content. It can also be easily removed with warm water and is especially suited for children's skin. In case some color ends up on your favorite blouse instead of your face you can easily machine wash your clothes without any special treatment to remove the stains. All our colors can be mixed up to various different colors.


Great effects you can create with our mascara strand hair coloring for certain strands of hair, eyelash or beard. The color or the glitter version can easily be applied with the included mascara brush. The color and glitter adhere perfectly and can easily be removed with water.


To finalize your costume we recommend our flitter/glitter - either in the classical glitter form or as asterisks or hearts. Put them into your hair and fix it with hair spray or fix it on our skin with our mastix-special-adhesive

The perfect evening can come! Enjoy!