Joke Coke Pellets

4 pieces in a blister


turn water into a disgustingly tasting, but optically compelling imitation of our favorite refreshing beverage


Joke Coke Pellets

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Joke Coke-Pellets

The original Joke Coke-Pellets are a specialty of the Toufar Practical Joke Manufactory. Once dissolved in a glass of water, they generate the perfect illusion of that refreshing and cold beverage we all love so much. Then again, never judge a book by its cover. The taste of our coke pellets is beyond disgusting and even though we cannot find the right words to describe how horrible it tastes, you will certainly be able to see it on the expression on your victim’s face.


Drop one of Toufar’s bitter Coke Joke-Pellets in a glass of cold water and wait for a minute, until the pellet has entirely dissolved. The water will now give a perfect illusion of a refreshing coke, sparkling and ice-cold. Serve cold and enjoy the look on your victim’s face.

Our joke-pellets are available in various versions, ranging from coffee or cappuccino to coke and beer.

Product Information

Our bitter joke-pellets are absolutely non-hazardous to health and edible (although they are not exactly tasty). Toufar’s joke-pellets are produced in its Viennese manufactory and therefore can be considered 100% made in Austria. The pellets are available in blisters containing 4 pieces.