Set Dracula
13,00 € 2 6,50 € 3
Set Ghost
10,00 € 2 8,00 € 3
Set Hunting Party
9,30 € 2 7,00 € 3
Set Nutty Professor
13,80 € 2 6,50 € 3
Set Zombie
24,60 € 2 19,70 € 3

Halloween Specials

Just another couple of days until countless zombies, ghosts and witches will paint the town red and coerce the innocent into paying protection money. On October, 31, the undead and evil will gather for feasts and orgies to celebrate Halloween.


We have everything you need to blend in with the hoards from the netherworld. Be it the right make up for an acherontic mask, or the necessary joke devices if a victim appears to be stingy with protection candy. Itching powder, magic ink or our seasonal favorite magic blood, we have everything you need for your revenge.

Special Offers

For the occasion, we thought of special offers that we would like to offer to make your Halloween an even spookier and more unforgettable day. Be a zobie, a ghost, a vampire or a nutty professor. All products are locally manufactured in Vienna and hence made in Austria. All cosmetic products meet the highest standards related to consumer safety and skin-friendliness.


Halloween is a yearly celebration and today can be observed all around the world on October 31. Although its origin remains unclear, it is thought to be an ancient Cristian feast influenced by Celtic Harvest festivals. Today, trick or treating, disguising and the attendance of costume parties can be considered the most ubiquitous Halloween activities, while the carving of jack-o-lanterns and decorating entire buildings are more regional traditions.