About us

Jux & Lumpi is a small, owner-managed company located in the heart of Vienna that dedicated itself to the production of practical joke devices and carnival make-up. At Jux & Lumpi, it is our aim to make people laugh with our locally manufactured products.

Our passion:

Our passions are pranks, jokes and all kinds of fun. Practical joke devices never lost their magic for the young or the young at heart. Itching powder, sneezing powder, magic ink and magic sugar cubes were a part of our childhood and still today, these products make people laugh. After all, they are just as much fun as dressing up and play pretend in carnival or at Halloween.

The Company:

We are dedicated to make people smile. For generations practical joke devices and make-up are handcrafted under the brand Toufar in the heart of Vienna, Austria. Nowadays, the name Toufar is being associated with high quality products and nostalgia.

Toufar was founded in 1952 by Walter Toufar, who created some of the recipes we still use today. Consequently, his son, who took over in1977, dedicated his life to the creation of new joke devices and where possible enhancing our cosmetic products. And only in 2014, Christoph Robol and Michael Smrcka, the founders of Jux & Lumpi, took over the business with its long-standing tradition and the idea to carry on the tradition and to further handcraft products that make people smile.

Our Mission:

We are a small manufacture that produces all its products locally in Vienna, which we are very proud of. In the production of our joke devices and cosmetics we apply the highest standards and want nothing short of the highest of qualities. All products are diligently tested for their skin friendliness and their harmlessness to health. Also, we try to source our raw materials locally whenever possible.


Our products are available via selected dealers and via our web shop. If you have any questions or remarks related to our company or our products, feel free to contact us via this form.